Born and raised in the San Franciso Bay Area I developed an appreciation for graphic design, journalism and print production in my teenage years. Thinking my passion would not be lucrative, I pursued a degree in pre-med with the intention of becoming a veterinarian. As I matured however, I came to realize it is possible to have a career you are passionate about AND make a living doing it. Thus I left my science research positon at U.C. Davis and opened up my own graphic design business in 1998. Since then I've had many great opportunities to work with local, national and international companies who have welcomed me as a team member (click here to see client and associate list).

I enjoy networking and learning about new ideas and projects. Feel free to contact me to discuss your graphic design and/or marketing needs. If I can be of service to you fantastic, if not, I'd be happy to help find the resources you may need.